When we were shooting the location photos for Emily and Tim, both of us we’re struck by how easily they would communicate love to each other. Sometimes people freeze or get awkward in front of the camera but Emily and Tim could have been walking on that beach by themselves. Capturing those looks between them and the moments they chose to steal a kiss was really easy and natural for us.

It wasn’t until later that night during Tim’s speech that we learnt why these two were so confident with each other and why it seemed that their marriage was years old not a day old.
Tim, nearing the end of his speech, turned and spoke directly to Emily and spoke of how many people thought he might be too young to get married, but he had never been more sure of anything in his life. He spoke of the many challenges they had faced as a couple and how Emily was his rock and source of strength when he needed it the most. Pretty much everyone cried (including us).

Hair: Deelush Hair - Danielle Sainty @deelushhair
Makeup: Casey Thompson - @caseymaythompson