Frequently asked questions:


Who will be there on the day?

A: You will always get Matt or Katy (the directors) as your main shooter, usually together. We also work closely with 2nd photographers who have shot many weddings with us and often accompany us on shoots. Our 2nd shooters all work as professional photographers and are a part of our team because of their skill level, experience and easy going nature.


How do you organise where to be and when?

A: We work with you to plan your day. We have a ‘wedding details form’ which we will send to you a few months before the big day, which we use to create our own run sheet. We will double check these details with you leading up to the day so nothing is lost and brief our team accordingly. We are happy to receive any run sheets you create of the wedding day too, or any special details you want us to know about.

How long does the photo shoot go for on the wedding day?

A: We generally recommend one hour & a half to 2 hours for the photo shoot, however each wedding is unique. If your photo shoot is close by to the location of your ceremony & reception, then a shooter period of time may be needed. We will discuss with you an appropriate time frame for your photo shoot depending on the wedding location, travel time & the size of your bridal party.

How are the images delivered?

A: As soon as your wedding photograph’s are ready, we will email you an invitation to your gallery. This is a personal link for easy access to view your images via desktop, tablet & smartphone. In one click, you are able to download all of your images in full resolution to your desktop, as well as download individual images directly to your devices. This is fastest, most accessible way for your photograph’s to be delivered. The images on this link can be easily shared, as well as conveniently accessed for future use, whether that be prints, a photo book or online sharing.


Can I pay with Credit Card?

A: We make payment as simple as possible for you. When your invoice is emailed, you can make your payment via PayPal, Credit Card or Direct Deposit.


My wedding is outside of Newcastle, is there a travel cost to get Rope&Pulley to my wedding?

A: We love to travel near & far. If your wedding is within 1.5 hours drive of Newcastle, then there is no travel costs. If you’re wedding is further away, we’ll discuss a light travel cost with you additional to your package.


What about family photos and group shots?

A: Part of the wedding details form is the family/friends shot list. This ensures no one important is missed and we can be as efficient as possible in organising your loved ones. You can choose to have family photos after the ceremony, or some couples decide to do this in the morning (after getting ready), or at the reception. This allows more time for couple and bridal party photos and some mingling with guests. You also don’t have to do organised group shots, we take a lot of candid photos of your guests throughout the day. We can also set up a whole party shot after your ceremony, this is a lot of fun for everyone and a great photo to have.


Do you edit in both colour and black & white?

A: Yes, we include both colour and black and white treatments in our editing process. We love black and white images and believe it really captures emotion and really suits certain moments.


What if it rains?

A: Then it will still be awesome! We always have a wet weather option built into the planning. In the lead up to the day we track the weather forecast and keep in touch. If it looks like rain we will organise umbrellas with you. Some couples prefer to bring their own depending on the theme of their wedding. If you decide to hire cars, often the drivers carry umbrellas too


Can we have the raw unedited images?

A: Short answer is no, sorry. The editing process is such an important part of our storytelling process, we aren’t finished until we processed our images. We really enjoy the colour processing as well, it’s a major part of our style, and we are perfectionists.


Who edits the images and do you Photoshop them?

A: Matt and Katy work as a team. First, we import all of the images from your day (usually more than 9000 images), organise them and begin the selection process – where we choose the images we will edit. Then we choose our ‘look’ and create our colour treatments depending on the day, season and wedding style. We use colour treatments that are consistent with our style. In terms of Photoshop retouching, we use this when necessary (e.g. if something is distracting from a beautiful image, like a fly on the Grooms shirt, or a power line in the background). We believe in natural, beautifully edited images that won’t look outdated in a few years, not overworked photos. But of course, if you do have an unfortunate stress pimple on your nose in a close up portrait we will remove it for you.


How long until we receive our photos and video back after the wedding?

A: Your wedding photograph’s and video are very important to us. It is our number one priority that your day is captured & presented in the best way possible. Therefore we take a lot of care when editing your images and videos. The time range on couples receiving their images back is generally between 8 – 10 weeks.
Video takes a little longer, 10 – 15 weeks. We know you’ll be wanting them as soon as possible so we will keep you updated with our progress.


We’re keen on an engagement shoot, where will we go?

A: An engagement shoot is specifically tailored to capture the heart of who you both are as a couple. We want to get to know you, and have some fun along the way. If you have a special location option, you can definitely let us know. If not, we have some amazing favourite places to photograph.


Do we need to meet before the wedding day?

A: We can, but we understand how busy life is leading up to a wedding. Rest assured we are pretty normal :) and if you want to make sure over a beer that we are, then that’s cool too. If not then be sure to keep a look out for a happy face and a camera on the day of your wedding, we’ll come and say hi and before you know it it’ll feel like we’re just another mate there with a camera.


Why are you talking about yourselves in the third person?

A: I don’t know, it just started and then I (we!?) couldn’t stop. We also talk about the couple as a unity of “you, or your”… it’s all a bit strange… Weirdo creative types.


It’s all very overwhelming, how do I know what to choose?

A: Let us help you, that’s why we’re here. Let’s have a phone call/facetime/beer somewhere and talk through your plan. We are honest and transparent about how to get the best photos possible with the time you have chosen.


Do you help us choose locations and timing?

A: Yes please! We chat to you about your ideas and can suggest locations, how long it will take and travel time. We can help choose locations that are awesome and help you plan for the best light. If your bridal party photos are in the brightest part of the day, we will help you choose locations that offer shaded areas, so you won’t be squinting into the sun. We are also flexible on the day depending on the weather. So, if it’s overcast, raining or the light changes, we can adjust to suit the conditions. We are pretty clued up on light and how long things take.


Do you pose us?

A: We are by nature more candid and natural photographers. In saying that, there are some shots that you may definitely want, and might need some gentle direction with, especially during the bridal party and couple shots on location. Some couples are comfortable in front of the camera and we photograph what’s happening in front of us. Other couples really appreciate and ask for a little help in some basic poses to get the most of the bridal shots. The best photos are usually the ones where you are comfortable and are enjoying getting hitched.


I still have some questions…

Not to worry, we’re here to help, drop us a line

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