Adam's Peak | Venue Highlight

Please book this venue…then book us because this place is incredible!

When I first pulled into Adams Peak Country Estate, I felt instantly calm.

If you’ve ever lived in a big city, coming here gives you the same feeling as hitting the city limits, putting the cruise control on and having a clear road ahead of you.

Que long exhale…

As a photographer, I was buzzing with ideas and excited, because everywhere I looked, I could see an amazing photo. From the cabin (now newly renovated!!) to the main house there are manicured gardens combining with unique architecture to make a truly amazing space to spend the day.

You could have 4 seasons in a day here and it would be fine. All the planning is done with wet weather options already taken care of and a pool if you really need to cool down.

One of our favourite photos to take at Adams Peak is this:

It’s not for everyone, it takes a particularly brave bride to be on board with this (see what I did there lol). But it does make for some epic photos.

This is the only venue I’ve been to where Rage Against the Machines ‘Killing in the Name of’, was blasted as loud as the PA could handle. Adams Peak rocks in more ways than one.

We were lucky enough to capture Meaghan and Michael here, this is what they had to say about it:

“Adams Peak was an absolute dream. I couldn’t imagine having our wedding anywhere else. I also just can’t say enough about the wonderful team at Rope and Pulley. They were the most wonderful, charming and easy going team ever. The day of my wedding was so much fun, it was like having friends photograph us. Thanks again guys! Love Mick and Meg xoxo”