Wedding Photography Packages and pricing

“Each moment was made to feel so special and significant to us.”


starting from $3900


  • One of us :)
  • Pre-wedding day consultation & timeline planning.
  • Unlimited number of photos taken on the day.
  • Individually hand edited images
  • Online gallery - 12 months access.
  • Sneaky Peeks to enjoy after your wedding
  • And so many pick and choose options to chat about.


Starting from $3,900

  • Professional videographer.
  • Professional editor & colourist.
  • 7-10min cinematic wedding film.
  • 1min insta highlight.
  • Raw coverage of ceremony & speeches with audio.
  • Licensed music.
  • Drone footage.
  • High resolution videos delivered via cloud drive.


When booked with wedding package - $700

  • 1-1.5 hours photography.
  • One of us...the one who's going to capture your wedding.
  • Pre shoot planning session.
  • Images delivered print & web ready (ideal for save the dates).
  • Online gallery - 12 months access.

Combination Packages

Starting from $8,500

Most couples invest $9,500+

  • Professional videographer.
  • Professional editor & colourist.
  • 7-10min cinematic wedding film.
  • 1min insta highlight.
  • Raw coverage of ceremony & speeches with audio.
  • Licensed music.
  • Drone footage.
  • High resolution videos delivered via cloud drive.



Delicately crafted from the finest materials and customisable to your liking, let's create your first-ever family heirloom - your wedding album!

To be savoured with your lover, family and friends for years to come, let's make sure your bespoke wedding album is picture-perfect!

Package FAQs

Our wedding photography packages are organised into half day coverage (from the ceremony) and full day coverage (from prep through till the dance moves get funky). After our initial phone call, we will create a custom quote that suits your wedding. Every wedding is wonderfully unique so we also have add-on's you can pick and choose from.
When will our wedding photos/videos be available?

This is a big one, you don't want to be leaving it up to Aunty Carol to post the first image up of you two looking like it was taken on a potato, (even though you had a sign saying not to, and a celebrant to reiterated what was on the sign, and the obvious presence of professional camera clickers). To get ahead of the Aunti-paparazzi we deliver a sneaky peek gallery to you within 7 days of your wedding with a minimum of 20 images. From there in order to deliver an amazing product to our clients we have developed a consistent production schedule of 8-10 weeks for photos and 10-13 weeks for videos.

Craziest thing that's happened at a wedding?

Where do I start, I was photographing in a bushfire in Cronulla and ended up on the news, I've seen celebrations go from circle work to fire works to nudie runs and shooting guns (that one was wild). Every wedding is different and has it's own incredible moments. Sometimes it's easy to see, other times it's more subtle and those moments are the ones we love to capture.

Our budget is $X, are there ways to accommodate?

While we don't offer any discounts, we do make sure that your photos and videos are ones you'll be talking about more than your could imagine.
Katy's behind me right now while I write this doing her best impression of Sooshi Mango, lol.

Anyway, for smaller get togethers we may be able to reduce some costs to meet your budget.

How many photos will we receive?

Lots is the short answer. Typically we will capture close to 10,000 images on your day. I know, we're over achievers lol.

But It's all about quality over quantity here. Like any good story, editing and an economy of words is key. Similar to meetings that could have been an email, keeping to the best bits is probably the hards part of what we do. We aim to distill your day down to the very best 1000 images approx. This changes like any good story, sometimes you need more pages to finish telling the part about your mate doing a shoey or your maid of honour doing the worm.

Click on this if your awesome

Knew it.

General FAQs

During our chat with you, we will explain what it's like to work with us and answer any questions you might have (including the TikTok video of "10 questions to ask your wedding photographer" you just watched). We're an open book, and we realise that you're doing this for the first time so we love to help.
Do you travel?

We love to travel near & far. If your wedding is within 1.5 hours drive of Newcastle, then there is no travel costs. If you’re wedding is further away, we’ll discuss a light travel cost with you additional to your package.

How are the images delivered?

As soon as your wedding photograph’s are ready, we will email you an invitation to your gallery. This is a personal link for easy access to view your images via desktop, tablet & smartphone. In one click, you are able to download all of your images in full resolution to your desktop, as well as download individual images directly to your devices. This is fastest, most accessible way for your photograph’s to be delivered. The images on this link can be easily shared, as well as conveniently accessed for future use, whether that be prints, a photo book or online sharing.

How long does the photo shoot go for on the wedding day?

If you’re asking this question, there’s a high probability your having flash backs to high school years and flinching at the idea of someone taking your photo. Or maybe your remembering that year you thought gel in your hair was a good idea…and it wasn’t. (Yes, I was using my own experience here and yes I have that year 8 photo still)

Bad hair and school trauma aside, don’t worry, you won’t have an existential crisis and no these aren’t your average stand still and click photos. We’ve got over 10 years experience making people who hate the camera forget where even there. Apart from knowing how to wave a camera around, we’re experts in creating a comfortable space, where the amazing you comes out, completely as you are, because what matters most is your experience. Amazing photos are always going to happen if you do you.

Also, to be practical and answer the original question, put aside about 50mins.

We’ll chat about this and plan it out for what’s happening on your day to make sure it all runs smoothly.

How do you organise where to be and when?

We work with you to plan your day. We have a ‘wedding details form’ which we will send to you a few months before the big day, which we use to create our own run sheet. We will double check these details with you leading up to the day so nothing is lost and brief our team accordingly. We are happy to receive any run sheets you create of the wedding day too, or any special details you want us to know about.

Who will be there on the day?

You will always get Matt or Katy (the directors) as your main shooter, usually together. We also work closely with 2nd photographers who have shot many weddings with us and often accompany us on shoots. Our 2nd shooters all work as professional photographers and are a part of our team because of their skill level, experience and easy going nature. We also think they're legends to hang out with, so if you like us, you'll think they're awesome.


Connected, real moments captured beautifully, kept forever.

We are not superheroes but we will be nearly invisible on your wedding day. Making fast friends with your friends and family makes it easy for us to be one of the crowd. We love hearing from our couples, family and friends that they hardly noticed we were there, and “Oh wow, how did you even get that photo”.