On this day, you're becoming a family. You’re promising to love each other and build a life together. This is the focus of the day and we keep this in mind at all times.

- Katy & Matt, Directors of Rope and Pulley


Hey there, we’re Katy & Matt.

We met in a photography studio, which looking back wasn’t as much of a coincidence as we thought it was at the time. Our love story was anything but predictable, and it was epic. From Autumn motorbike rides to moving to London and then back to Sydney, we knew we wanted to be a family. We can also see now that everything was leading to us creating Rope & Pulley together.

Telling your love story through photography and video is the best job we could dream to have.  
All the best stories have truths in them, genuine moments of real life. As artists, nothing is more beautiful or compelling than real expressions and connections. These moments are candid & honest and they’re the moments we aim to capture.


Much love,

Katy + Matt

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