We tell your story:

It’s important to us to inspire our couples. We have a relaxed, authentic style of imagery that is only possible through the trust we have with our couples, to capture the most beautiful images we possibly can.


Why we love what we do.

WE CREATE imagery that connects us completely to the love story being told.

Creating beautiful imagery through photography & film is really about storytelling.
All the best stories have truths in them, genuine moments of real life. As artists, nothing is more beautiful or compelling than real expressions and connections.
These moments are candid, honest. They’re the ones that can be easy to overlook; a glance, a touch, these are the raw emotional moments that make up the day and they’re the moments we aim to capture.

Is trust an important part of your job?
I think trust is integral to any relationship and this includes our relationship with our couples. The trust you give us is like that of a close friend. We know how lucky we are to be in the room at one of the most important days in your lives and to be trusted with the responsibility of capturing it in a beautiful, honest and respectful way.

What’s your approach when shooting a wedding?
We’ve always been creative. We were those daydreaming kids growing up, the ones that made their own skit shows and drew their own picture books.
We have the same sense of wonder & excitement we had back then when we’re shooting now. I think our style is really ambitious that way, and we know we’ve got it right when we have that same excited feeling while shooting or looking
through our images. I think our neighbours have probably heard us yelling “Wow! Look at this one!”

What does marriage mean to you?
It requires dedication, unconditional mutual kindness and goodwill.
Being married and also working together is nothing like what we thought it would be. We’re best friends, colleagues, confidants and each other’s cheer squad.
We see so much potential in each other, and I think that potential is what we see in all of our couples and love to capture.
They are all these things to one another, and they’re choosing each other because they can’t not know the rest of their story together.
Being that storyteller for just one day with our photography and film is a real honour and privilege

Why the name?

The first couple married in New South Wales were ancestors of ours and their surnames were Rope and Pulley. While having that ancestral link is kind of cool we also think working together, like a rope and pulley, helps us create better work. We support each other and have found we thrive on collaboration. We also knew we wanted to start Rope & Pulley and share our passion for making beautiful images.